The Client's Challenge

Address disease management and health-related issues within respective gender-based populations through consumer and professionally focused educational and informational programs.

Our Solution

Develop a wellness initative comprised of two component programs: a men's health and wellness program and a women's health and wellness program to address contributing health factors towards the gap in minority life expectancy. Each program seeks to measure changes in awareness, visibility of information, and to generate momentum about health and wellness. Assess the relationship of opinions and knowledge of African Americans and their health-seeking behavior around sexual health, mental health, and chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer) and determine the methods by which they assessed their health-seeking behavior and their relationship to improved health outcomes.

The Outcome

Pre- and post-surveys were developed and analyzed by the department of health epidemiology of one of the host city partners. The programs successfully increased the participants' awareness of both health issues and the role family history plays in diseases. Overall, about 70% of the participants stated that they will schedule an appointment with their healthcare provider as a result of the program. By sharing the health information their peers, hopefully, the greater population will start to see a significant change in their health attitudes, behaviors, and practices.