The Client's Challenge

Although the client had produced some significant and noted programs, its operations lacked continutity and the organization was not highly recognized.

Our Solution

Create programs to enhance the visibility and credibility of the association and its mission to: increase awareness, information, and education about the stigma of mental health (particularly depression); improve mental health seeking behavior; develop a multi-city educational program that provides resource information about mental health and its relevancy in the faith-based, academic, clinical, and policy-making communities; and engage partners who may benefit from expanded relationships in the community.

The Outcome

Utilized 1JG contacts to attract key opinion leaders and attracted more than 1,800 participants in six cities; over 200 national and local organizations assisted in distributing information about the mental health forum; former US Surgeon Generals M. Joycelyn Elders and David Satcher served as keynotes in four of the six forums; relationships were forged between local organizations who did not recognize available resources in their respective communities; significant media impressions with media coverage in three of the six markets; state legislators participated as speakers in five of the six forum locations to address the issue of mental health parity.